Decorative porcelain plates and housewares, decorative wood furniture (chairs, dressers, commodes), carpets, wallpapers

My secret is my imagination

The Italian Fornasetti collection, which is famous throughout the world for its signature portrait of the Italian operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri, is comprised of more than 150,000 items. Each collection pays homage to the creations of Piero Fornasetti, the company’s founder.

His son, Barnaba Fornasetti, expanded the Fornasetti line of products to include home textiles, fashion accessories and recently, wall décor tiles produced in collaboration with Bisazza.

The Fornasetti heritage is ensured thanks to Barnaba Fornasetti’s commitment to revitalizing his father’s extraordinary visual language. Barnaba’s adaptations of his father’s designs add a contemporary touch, yet remain faithful to their eclectic origins.

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