Guaxs is a German family business specializing in the creation of decorative objects, accessories and superior-quality lighting.

Guaxs draws its inspiration from global travels, nature and cultural artifacts and intensively researches various cultures to identify common motifs from the days of antiquity to this very day. Driven by this principle, Guaxs strives to intertwine local traditional art with contemporary manufacturing.

Guaxs uses only authentic, sustainable materials, such as metal, leather, wood, natural stone and hand-blown glass, which are worked by master craftsmen using techniques developed over centuries to create an authentic and natural appearance.

Guaxs designs integrate harmoniously with any architecture, while preserving something special and magical at the same time.

The company’s designs are world renowned thanks to their sophisticated and characteristic natural shapes that have become its trademark. Guaxs designs are produced by qualified craftsmen who ensure that every object is a masterpiece of exquisite craftsmanship.

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