The Jakob Schlaepfer brand, which was founded in 1904, has been enriching the world with home textiles for more than a century.

The company, which began as an embroidery company, adapted itself to the technological developments and, in keeping with the spirit of the times, has always remained relevant with its unique fabrics that are renowned throughout the world.

Jakob Schlaepfer’s fabric processing options are extensive and multi-faceted and include laser cutting, digital printing and its iconic embroidery machines. Its distinction lies in its design flexibility that enables it to respond instantly to the constantly changing fashion trends. And this is its beauty – Jakob Schlaepfer does not adhere to any one style and prefers to draw inspiration from a combination of local culture and textile traditions with future-oriented design.

The Jakob Schlaepfer brand serves as a compass and a source of inspiration for couturiers, architects and fabric enthusiasts all over the world.