Larsen (Colefax group)

Upholstery fabrics / drapes, outdoor fabrics, wallpapers

MANUEL CANOVAS (Colefax Group) Upholstery fabrics / drapes, wallpapers

The Manuel Canovas company is named after the founding designer. The company, which was founded in 1963, initially designed apparel and accessory lines and became an international success. The Colefax Group, which spotted Manuel Canovas’ talent, acquired the brand bearing his name in 1998 and the rest is history. Today, the design house is considered one of the world’s leading home textile houses. The French style inspired by the French art of the 18th century is preserved but is given a contemporary interpretation.

Manual Canovas specializes in the design of wallpapers, upholstery fabrics and drapes featuring a harmonious but unconventional pallet that is a particular favorite of interior designers and discerning architects.