Fascinating creative collaboration between the eclectic world of prestigious designer Paola Navone and the legendary Venetian textile house, Rubelli, has created the Dominique Kieffer collection of home couture fabrics

The Rubelli textile brand was created in Venice in 1858 by Lorenzo Rubelli.

The family business, which began by producing reproductions of antique fabrics, continues to innovate and be relevant today too, after more than 170 years and five generations of artistry, while preserving the unique character of Venetian textiles and worldwide acclaim for the extraordinary, superior-quality Rubelli fabrics.

This unique collaboration with prestigious designer Paola Navone explains the unconventional colorful, eclecticism of the new collection for Fall and Winter 2014. Paola Navone juggles a contemporary, colorful, dynamic palette of colors and, with a sweep of her brush, paints everything in hues of freedom and liberty.

This fascinating collaboration between Rubelli, which is steeped in tradition, world-class reputation and expertise in the field of home textiles, and Navone’s visionary, free-spirited designs, has produced a collection that is amazing and truly evocative.

The Dominique Kieffer collection features cotton and linen fabrics in greens and blues, alongside elegant tweeds, fabrics with a metallic sheen, and prints evoking a feeling of brush strokes that impart a three-dimensional textural effect.

** Rubelli’s upholstery fabrics are offered at Renby Home Couture starting at NIS 260 per square meter.


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