Karim Rashid, the Lady Gaga of the design world, is, for the first time, launching a collection of fabrics for home couture. After completing a prolific series of impressive designs for hotels and residential buildings, Rashid is now making time to imprint his unique signature in the field of home couture.

Rashid’s collection of home textiles includes upholstery fabrics and drapes.

“You need to think not only about the style, but also about the comfort” – these words are the key to understanding Karim Rashid’s incredibly unique design language for home furnishings, words that convey his creative spirit and signature. “People used to be conservative about bright colors, but today, we see a change. People no longer shy away from strong colors and this trend can be seen all over the world.”

The upholstery fabric collection integrates organic prints that look as if they have been nonchalantly painted on the fabric, with the symbols, motifs and brilliant colors that have become his signature.

The 20 designs in his collection are offered in six different colors and reflect the designer’s spirit, his sense of “sensual minimalism.” Rashid created his fabric collection using the highest quality jacquard and velvet, and designed a variety of prints that are identified with this ubiquitous, charismatic designer’s renowned signature, and in his favorite colors, with clear dominance towards hues in the pink spectrum.

Price: starting at NIS 285 per square meter.

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