Bay Club Hotel

The Bay Club Hotel Haifa (of the Atlas Chain) is situated between Haifa City and the Carmel Mountain neighborhood of Hadar HaCarmel and offers magnificent mountain views and seascapes, as well as proximity to the bustling city life. The Bay Club Hotel is located in a restored landmark building from the Ottoman Empire dating back to 1912 and is designed in the spirit of the world-famous resort towns of Monte Carlo, San Remo and Cannes featuring marble motifs and stone arches. The lobby is designed in ornate colonial style in blue-and-white and neutral crème-mint colors reflecting the Mediterranean theme, suspended oriental chandeliers and elegant art-deco furniture that blend the past with the present. The hotel’s interior design is by Oren Bronstein, who selected Renby upholstery fabrics, decorative pillows and bedspreads to unify the hotel’s design concept.

City – Haifa, Architect – Oren Burstein, Photographer – Assaf Pinchuk