Lighthouse Hotel

This new boutique hotel (of the Brown Hotel Chain) is located in the heart of Tel-Aviv, a few streets away from the beach and a short walk from the multitude of attractions that Tel-Aviv has to offer. The hotel features a spectacular design and offers a stylish lobby, two swimming pools, a tanning deck, restaurant, spa, pubs and cocktail lounges. The rooms offer breathtaking panoramas of Tel-Aviv from atop the “Lighthouse” office building. The original bold design of the hotel was by Nestor Sandbank, who created a vibrant unconventional urban hotel experience that is inextricably linked to the city’s nightlife. The printed velvet fabrics in the lobby, the drapes and the carpets throughout the Lighthouse Hotel were all selected from Renby.

City – Tel Aviv, Architect – Nastor Sandban , Photographer – Assaf Pinchuk