Renby Home Couture launches the third home couture collection of the fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier “Paris So Métis”

Two years after Jean Paul Gaultier broke out of the bounds of the fashion catwalks and launched his first home couture collection, Gaultier is surprising everyone with the launch of his third home couture collection, “Paris So Métis.”

Gaultier’s avant-garde spirit, which, until recently, he had devoted to haute couture and perfumes, once again, breaks the bounds of the fashion world and holds a fascinating and fruitful dialogue with the world of home couture. This time too, the collection offers upholstery fabrics that create a daring mosaic of prints, shades, genres and original designs.

Gaultier’s collaboration with the French home textile brand Lelièvre, which has long become a tradition, crosses all possible genres and creates an unbridled collection of boundless fantasy, merging street art with urban exoticism to create a new visual design language.

Gaultier succeeds in translating his creative muse into an innovative, rich and colorful collection of upholstery fabrics, characterized by this talented designer’s familiar bold signature and original designs. The colors of this new collection feature indigo and denim, alongside bold tribal colors and the timeless combinations of black and white.

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