Renby Red

Renby Red is Renby Home Couture’s contemporary, accessible line for the young generation.

The Renby Red brand is tailored to the spirit of young consumers who tend to shop in traditional outlet and discount stores in search of young contemporary brands at affordable prices.

Like other home couture and fashion houses around the world offering affordable young design lines, the Renby Red brand will offer spectacular collections of upholstery fabrics, drapes, carpets, pillows and bedding with a young, fresh, contemporary look and at affordable prices. Our goal is to expand our customer base that identifies with Renby’s values: superior quality, innovation and luxury.

As expected of a leading brand, Renby Red’s home couture textiles are characterized by meticulous craftsmanship, as they will be designed and produced in the couture sewing workshop of a fashion house that has a proud tradition of uncompromising craftsmanship and perfect finishing since 1980.